Laretaggio are designs created out of love for Italian street fashion. The new brand is created in the spirit of slow fashion. Every project is designed and sewn in Poland of our highest-quality fabrics. Capsule fashion and caring for the environment are our main domains. The latest collection is inspired by the famous film by Federico Fellini and by the atmosphere of Italy, called La Dolce Vita.

Clothes created for the AW23/24 season alludes to classic style with a touch of avant-garde. We have jackets, skirts, tops, but often with interesting elements that break the patterns. Everything is precisely tailored, in the spirit of international trends and elegance served in a slightly casual style. The whole thing is kept in a coherent, global color scheme, ranging between immortal black, white and gray, which will work perfectly on the streets and salons of Milan, Krakow and Warsaw.

“Clothes can be mixed and matched freely. Our designs have been thought out in such a way that customers - depending on the occasion - can quickly give the products a new character and fall in love with them all the time," says the brand's creative director, Monika Bluma.